Friday, August 3, 2012

Musings from Natalie #9

Natalie's friend invited her to Yucandu (pronounced You-Can-Do), an arts & crafts studio, offering paint, mosaic and collage projects.  Here's the wooden coat rack she embellished...complete with a feather on top.  I think it belongs at the eccentric Venice Cafe on Pestalozzi Street.

"Hey, Mom!  My Phinneas and Ferb band-aid matches my outfit," cheered Natalie.

"Mom, can I be treated like a queen?," inquired Natalie.

Natalie: "Mom, why are her cheeks so wrinkly?"
Me: "Because she is very old."
Natalie: "Mom, can you talk to God and tell him not to make wrinkly cheeks?"
(Hmmm...I don't think there is a woman alive who hasn't offered up that prayer already.)

"Look, Mom!  I'm Saturn!" exclaimed Natalie

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  1. Haha! All so cute - and especially loved "Look Mom I'm saturn" Oh she is so much fun! Oh how you must be enjoying her!