Thursday, April 19, 2018

Deep Thoughts From Noah #89

Me: Are you okay?
Noah: No! I hurt my foot on the wall!
Me: Did the wall move?
Noah: No! It's because we have a small house...why do we have to have a small house?
Me: Noah, we live in this house because that's what we can afford.
Noah: Hmmff...I feel like that's just an excuse.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Happy Birthday to our Favorite Senior Citizen!

Fifty-one tax days ago...our Steve-o was born.

"So...Dad, can we call you a senior citizen now?" asked Natalie

Steve is pretty much a 'no fuss, I don't need anything for my birthday and since I've eliminated sugar from my diet no need to make me a cake' -- kind of guy.

However, I've known this man for nearly 20 years and while he may have removed sugar from his diet, there is one dish I know he cannot say no to -- biscuits and gravy.

Oh yeah.

But since Steve is a connoisseur of said meal, Natalie and I purchased all the ingredients he would need to make it himself.

We're good like that.

Then Natalie and I shopped at Barnes & Noble. She used her own money to purchase him a gardening book to support his passion for growing things.