Friday, August 10, 2018

Hope Floats...and Sometimes Wags

"Mom, I found this paper. I don't know where it came from," said Noah.

I took one look and immediately knew he wrote son who loathes writing, sat down and painstakingly penned a letter on Truvy's behalf.

While his penmanship may lead many to have preconceived notions of his abilities. I see his creativity and know his brain is strong even if his fingers aren't.

His creativity again shines through.

Truvy isn't even living with us yet, but already she is making a difference.

Hope floats...and sometimes wags.

Dear Felgenhauers,
I am excited to meet you.
I am a good girl.
I hope that you will play, walk and feed me.

See you in...well...home!
From: Truvy


  1. That is the sweetest note! I'm excited to see pictures of them together.

    1. Hello! Good to hear from you! Thanks. My daughter is already asking if we can have a Truvy section on the blog. :-)