Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Deep Thoughts from Noah #91

Many of my interactions with Noah seem to be more like a complicated chess game. He counts his moves...trying to come up with unique ways to not do something...anything that he perceives as work -- this could be brushing his teeth, combing his hair, etc.

Scenario #1
Me: Noah don't forget to put away your dishes
Noah: But I can't
Me: Yes, you can
Noah: No, I can't.
Me: Okay, I give -- why not?
Noah: Because it would be wasteful.
(I look at his half eaten bowl of mushy cereal and a plate with a few bites of egg)
Me: Are you going to eat these items later?
Noah: No.
Me: Ok, rinse them off and put them away.
Noah: Ok
(I return to the kitchen to see the dishes in the sink.)
Me: Noah, your dishes need to be put in the know that.
Noah: Oh...I thought you just wanted me to put them in the sink.

Scenario #2
Me: Noah did you feed and water your gerbils.
Noah: Yes
Me: You did? Today?
Noah: No
Me: You need to give them fresh food and water every day.
Noah: Oh

(These kinds of things play out no less than 10 times a day)

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