Saturday, September 29, 2012

Musings from Natalie #17

Natalie: "Mom, what are you doing?"
Me: "I'm trying to put this house back together.  Your Dad has a lot of talents, but organization is not one of them."
Natalie: "Yeah, Dad's better at messization."

As I surfed the radio stations, Natalie piped up from the back, "Mom, I want a sparkly girl song."
However, when she heard the guitars from this little ditty she said, "Leave it.  I want this!"

Dear God:  
I realize it's probably a rule -- one guardian angel per person, however, I think she may need two. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Deep Thoughts From Noah #5

"Mom, can you give me one good reason why parents need to be in charge all the time?" asked Noah.

"Hmmm...what would you do if you were in charge, Noah?" I countered.

"Well, I'd drive a McDonald's," replied Noah.

(Yeah, I love it when my kids come up with better answers to their questions than I ever could.)

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Strange Family

One of Natalie's favorite things to do is to create and tell stories.  Recently she told me that she can't decide whether she wants to be an author or an illustrator.
"Which job is more important?" she asked.

"Both are equally important, but you don't have to choose.  You can do both!" I shared.

"I can?!" she asked.

The look of wonder and pure joy on her face was priceless.  She quickly went to work.

The Strange Family 
by Natalie

Strange Family left to right: Sweetie Pie, Mom, Caroline, Audrey, Charlie, Kiran, Jealous Boy, Lulu and Dad 

Pictured left to right: Kiran and Jealous Boy

The boy was in the park.  He was sad because he got caught in a rainstorm. The sister was happy because the flowers would grow.

Lulu in the snowstorm

The Strange family went on vacation.  They had so much fun that they didn't want to leave. They went to The Land of Wishes and Lulu wished for a snowstorm.  She wanted it to be brown -- so it was.
"The Worst" - Lulu's Best Friend

They call him "The Worst" because every time in math he gets the
answer wrong.

Left to right: Grandma and Grandpa Strange.
Grandma and Grandpa dancing in the moonlight.

Strange cousins left to right: Matt, Aunt Malisha, Urie, Franklin, Lucy, Baby Susie, Nessa,
Lily and Uncle Johnny

The Strange family cousins came for a visit.  Uncle Johnny is sad because he burned his arm on the sun.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Musings from Natalie #16

Natalie: "Mom, I just don't know who I'm going to marry."
Me: "Honey,  you have lots of 25 years."
Natalie: "Well, Miles told me he doesn't want to get married and Harper doesn't like to hold babies (in the house and block area at school)
(At 5 she's already made up her mind that commitment and kids are deal breakers...I think I was almost 30)

Disappointed by her Dove chocolate fortune, Natalie whined, "Awww...I wanted it to say you're the most beautiful woman in the world or something."

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Deep Thoughts From Noah #4

After trying on one of Natalie's rings, Noah announced that it was stuck on his finger.  Before I could respond he said, "Well, I guess the contract has been sealed."

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Root Cause of Aging

The other day while climbing the school steps, Natalie exclaimed, "I wonder what I'll learn today!" 

Imagine what the world would be like if we all woke up with the attitude that each day is a new opportunity for growth and learning. I envy the wonder of my 5 year old, but let's face it, if kindergartners ran the world, my home would be made out of marshmallows and Nutella and all T.V. stations would offer a continuous loop of the best of Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Lately I've been feeling like I'm in a rut...wash, rinse, repeat.  This applies to dirty dishes, laundry, cars and children.  Don't get me wrong -- my life isn't all about cleaning.  In fact, if you should come over, please do not open our home's lone closet door, that is, unless you have a really good health plan.  Cramming 18 ft of shtuff into a 4 ft space is kind of an art, but it's dangerous work.  In addition to feeling blah, I've also noticed that my joints and muscles ache and my get up and go just wants to crawl back under the covers.   I don't want to feel old because I think as soon as you do that, your body complies and you begin looking it, too.  No way, Jose!  I still have hopes of getting carded again...though for that to happen the doorman would need to be both eyes.  Oh well, there's still a chance it could happen after I turn 65.  Store owners often card my Mom…when she asks for the senior discount.

I’ve come to realize that the culprit for my own lethargy is me.  It's been more than seven years since I've participated in any sort of regular exercise outside of chasing kids or picking up toys, laundry and anything else in my path.  While friends have been flooding my Facebook news feed with their stories of marathon madness, my butt has learned how to transform itself into a perfect replica of my computer seat. 

Today I decided to fight back against the hands of time with a few kick ball changes followed by a several chasses across the floor while listening to a mix of current hits, 80’s pop and everything in between.  The moves weren’t complicated which allowed me to rest my brain and enjoy the music.  Jazzercise may not be cool or trendy, but the price is right, the facility is close to my home and the women are friendly.  In the past, I've tried zumba, hip hop, yoga and even belly dancing, but unlike Jazzercise, I never lasted more than a few classes.  So, I've decided though my moves may be old, I'm convinced my body won't be, if I return to my Jazzy least three times a week.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Musings from Natalie #15

Natalie: "I really want a boyfriend."
Me: "Why?"
Natalie: "So I can have someone to hang out with."
Me: "You have LOTS of girlfriends you can hang out with."
Natalie: "Yeah, but I want someone I can hang out with who is handsome, cute and adorable."
(Dear God: Please send help)

Me: "No cavities! You guys did great!"
Natalie: "Awww...I like cavities.  I wanted to get one."
Me: "You do NOT want cavities.  They cost me $150 and then they have to drill a big hole in your mouth.  Not fun."
Natalie: "Yeah, but when you get a cavity they give you a helium balloon afterwards."
Me: "I'll get you a balloon."

Me: "Natalie! For the 3rd time, turn turn off the T.V.  It's time to take Noah to school."
Natalie: "Oh, sorry Mom.  I thought you said keep watching the T.V."
(Sigh...I have no doubt you did.)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Rich Life

Yesterday I awoke hours before Steve's 5 o'clock alarm went off.  It's not that I wasn't tired.  I was definitely tired...especially of being an adult and dealing with adult problems.  Every time I turn around something is falling apart.  It has been a summer full of losses.  Some of them have been directed at my wallet -- like replacing our home's air conditioning system and our bedroom A/C wall unit, the microwave, our T.V., a leaky refrigerator, the kitchen faucet and Noah's filling that fell out.  Others have cost some tears like Natalie losing three teeth in three weeks (She's growing up too fast!) and saying good-bye to my 16 year old tabby.  The latest issue to hit is that a bat or two have decided to take up residence in our home's soffit and fascia.

"What are you doing up so early?" asked Steve

"I couldn't sleep," I said.

"Was I snoring?" he asked.

"No," I replied.

"Was I farting?" he asked.

"No!" I replied.

"Well...then I better try harder next time," he quipped.

"Steve!" I said as I slugged his arm.

No matter what our troubles...and over the course of more than a decade together, we've been blessed with some really good ones -- Steve is always my rock.  If you ask him what his secret is -- he'll only give you a self-deprecating response like, "Oh, I'm just not very bright, is all." In truth, he is very smart and generous and funny.  But, it's his faith in God and commitment to our relationship that won me over and continues to hold my feet steady when we come up against rocky terrain.

He often knows what I need even before I do. Sometimes it's in the form of words, "Did I tell you that you’re beautiful, today?" Other times it's that he noticed my chocolate stash was low and stopped off at Walgreen's on his way home from work.  Recently, he got really brave and took the kids by himself for the day (Natalie’s first extended car ride) to visit his friend who has a small farm located about two hours north of our home.  He encouraged me to stay home and spend my time as frivolously as possible.  “Take a nap!” he suggested. He’s told me he feels guilty that he’s often away at work or traveling, yet can’t buy me the things he thinks I deserve like my own bathroom, a vacation trip or furniture and clothes that aren't pre-owned.  It’s true I don’t have many valuables that can be bought, sold or traded, but that’s okay...because I plan to keep him.

What happens with Daddy...stays with Daddy
That is, unless he decides to bring home pics!
I couldn't believe he let Noah drive the Gator.
Natalie had so much fun.
She keeps asking, "When can we move to the country?"
My most precious assets...Thanks, Steve.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Musings from Natalie #14

Natalie: "Am I the best daughter in the world?"
Me: "Of course."
Natalie: "After lunch can I have a brownie?"
Me: "Yes."
Natalie: "Mom, since I'm the best daughter in the world, can I have two brownies?"

The Itchy Monster
by Natalie

Once there was a little monster.  There were fleas all over him nibbling on his hair and on his knees.  He itched and itched until he itched the fleas away. 

“Ahhhh!” said the little monster.  

He itched some more until his hair came off. There was a big pile of hair and he didn’t know what to do.  As the pile of hair got bigger it started to shake and shake and shake.  Then it grew legs and red eyes and a nose and arms and big ears.  This scared the little monster and he ran away and never returned.

The End

I think Steve was a little proud when I told him Natalie heard this song on the radio and thought it was a "smokin song".

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Spooky Smile

Over the weekend I've noticed that the stores are all stocked up on decorations and candy for Halloween.  Natalie has decided to join the the last 3 weeks she's lost 3 teeth!

Doesn't she make a cute jack o'lantern?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Deep Thoughts from Noah #3

Watch out Yogi Berra...there's a new kid in town.

Me: "Did you wash your hands after touching the turtle?"
Noah: "No, I don't need to because I only held it. I didn't even touch it."

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Musings from Natalie #13

Natalie: "I think Santa and God must be brothers."
Me: "Why is that?"
Natalie: "Because they can always see me."

Natalie: "Mom, did you know kids spend more time on electronics than exploring?"
Me: "Where did you learn that?"
Natalie: "I heard about it on T.V."

"I'm not being a pill...I'm just crabby." explained Natalie.

"I don't like LEGOS...they're too buildish.  I like dolls that are pretty with eye shadow," said Natalie.