Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Rich Life

Yesterday I awoke hours before Steve's 5 o'clock alarm went off.  It's not that I wasn't tired.  I was definitely tired...especially of being an adult and dealing with adult problems.  Every time I turn around something is falling apart.  It has been a summer full of losses.  Some of them have been directed at my wallet -- like replacing our home's air conditioning system and our bedroom A/C wall unit, the microwave, our T.V., a leaky refrigerator, the kitchen faucet and Noah's filling that fell out.  Others have cost some tears like Natalie losing three teeth in three weeks (She's growing up too fast!) and saying good-bye to my 16 year old tabby.  The latest issue to hit is that a bat or two have decided to take up residence in our home's soffit and fascia.

"What are you doing up so early?" asked Steve

"I couldn't sleep," I said.

"Was I snoring?" he asked.

"No," I replied.

"Was I farting?" he asked.

"No!" I replied.

"Well...then I better try harder next time," he quipped.

"Steve!" I said as I slugged his arm.

No matter what our troubles...and over the course of more than a decade together, we've been blessed with some really good ones -- Steve is always my rock.  If you ask him what his secret is -- he'll only give you a self-deprecating response like, "Oh, I'm just not very bright, is all." In truth, he is very smart and generous and funny.  But, it's his faith in God and commitment to our relationship that won me over and continues to hold my feet steady when we come up against rocky terrain.

He often knows what I need even before I do. Sometimes it's in the form of words, "Did I tell you that you’re beautiful, today?" Other times it's that he noticed my chocolate stash was low and stopped off at Walgreen's on his way home from work.  Recently, he got really brave and took the kids by himself for the day (Natalie’s first extended car ride) to visit his friend who has a small farm located about two hours north of our home.  He encouraged me to stay home and spend my time as frivolously as possible.  “Take a nap!” he suggested. He’s told me he feels guilty that he’s often away at work or traveling, yet can’t buy me the things he thinks I deserve like my own bathroom, a vacation trip or furniture and clothes that aren't pre-owned.  It’s true I don’t have many valuables that can be bought, sold or traded, but that’s okay...because I plan to keep him.

What happens with Daddy...stays with Daddy
That is, unless he decides to bring home pics!
I couldn't believe he let Noah drive the Gator.
Natalie had so much fun.
She keeps asking, "When can we move to the country?"
My most precious assets...Thanks, Steve.


  1. He took the kids for the day AND took pictures? Sounds like paradise to me! I know you said you wouldn't trade him, but could you maybe loan him out?

  2. Beautiful. Keep these posts coming, they remind me what's important in life.

  3. I always knew I liked that guy! Andrea, I love your positive outlook! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful post, yes...what makes our life rich is our family and you have a great one babe.

  5. Sounds like you are one lucky lady! Having a husband who loves you and cares enough about you to focus on the little things is a true treasure indeed!

    1. Thanks, Seana. I think he's a keeper, too. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Your story makes me smile. It is so wonderful to read about a close family. My husband used to take our kids to work with him (we have our own business). Spending time with Dad is very special to our children. Happy SITS Day!

    1. Thanks for stopping in, Tammi. I hope to hear from you more. SITS has been a wonderful way to connect with other bloggers. Have a great day!

  7. I love all of your posts, especially this one!

  8. He sounds like a good partner. :)

    Happy (belated) SITS day!