Friday, September 14, 2012

Musings from Natalie #15

Natalie: "I really want a boyfriend."
Me: "Why?"
Natalie: "So I can have someone to hang out with."
Me: "You have LOTS of girlfriends you can hang out with."
Natalie: "Yeah, but I want someone I can hang out with who is handsome, cute and adorable."
(Dear God: Please send help)

Me: "No cavities! You guys did great!"
Natalie: "Awww...I like cavities.  I wanted to get one."
Me: "You do NOT want cavities.  They cost me $150 and then they have to drill a big hole in your mouth.  Not fun."
Natalie: "Yeah, but when you get a cavity they give you a helium balloon afterwards."
Me: "I'll get you a balloon."

Me: "Natalie! For the 3rd time, turn turn off the T.V.  It's time to take Noah to school."
Natalie: "Oh, sorry Mom.  I thought you said keep watching the T.V."
(Sigh...I have no doubt you did.)


  1. Oh Yay! Sounds like you have a couple of spitfires! Always good to be kept on one's toes ;) ai yai yai...

  2. So funny! Kids do say the cutest things. I miss those days. My kids are older and they say funny things now, but it's just not the same! Found you on SITS.

  3. Haha aww! I hope you & the fam have a great weekend. I found ya on SITS.

  4. She sounds like a funny girl. You'll have your hands full in her teen yeras if she's already boyfriend searching now.