Saturday, September 15, 2018

Puppy Parenting week 8 -11

If I only had three words to describe our first three weeks with Truvy they would be LOVE, FUN and EXHAUSTION.

In a time when I thought I couldn't do one more thing...Truvy has shown me how adding a fur ball to our home can truly enrich our family's life. In the first week she LOATHED her crate. Steve and I took turns camping outside her crate on a sleeping bag to keep the whimpers at bay. Just like a crying baby we tried everything to keep her happy. Once in the middle of the night -- at a loss for how to stop her from whining and barking, I ripped off my own nightshirt. It worked...that one time. Other nights she only rested when Steve or I squeezed our fingers between the bars to let her sniff us. Thankfully a friend suggested putting a sheet completely over the crate and just like a bird -- night night. Our second week together she was still getting up quite frequently. We also noticed that when we took her out she squatted to pee multiple times. Turns out she had a UTI.

She's now 11 weeks old and weighs about 11 lbs. She's destroyed two nylabones and a nylabone teething key ring...along with several stuffed/squeaky toys. We were (continue somewhat) to be challenged by her high prey drive. She sees Natalie's swishy skirt and can't help but lunge. We've lost a few items of clothing to tears but our trainer has been invaluable. She recognized the reason for Truvy's behavior and turned her desire into something we can use to play with her. Truvy loves playing tug with an untreated, chamois leather cloth or rope toy. It wears her out and allows us to develop a play relationship with her. Liver treats and food in general is her favorite. We've been unable to convince her that rabbit turds are yucky.

She is a smarty pants. She rings a bell to tell us she wants out. The only accidents we have are when she gets overexcited when a new visitor comes over. She knows come, sit, down, climb and shake commands. We are working on roll over.

To date she has met about 50 new people. The books recommend she meet 100 before she's 12 weeks during the critical socialization window of 8 to 12 weeks. If you would like to meet her this weekend or through the week -- please PM me or text me.