Saturday, August 3, 2013

Deep Thoughts From Noah #34

In an effort to reduce the clutter,  I pulled out some of the toys that the kids have either outgrown or no longer play with.  I explained to them that I would try to sell the toys on craigslist and any money earned from the sales would be given to them to purchase toys that they really want.  Initially Noah was okay with the plan, but as the days have passed, he's come up with a new plan.

Noah: "Mom, I have an idea."
Me: "What's that?
Noah: "How about we divide these toys into two in the keep and the other in the want."
Me: "What's the want pile?
Noah: "Want-to-keep."


  1. That's exactly how my kids get when there's a threat to bring the toy level down from obnoxious to semi-manageable.

    1. Ugh...I'm raising the white flag until they are back in school.

  2. What a BRILLIANT idea!!! Too cute. :)

  3. How funny - what is it about getting rid of the old toys? The trade off is new ones! HELLO!!