Friday, February 27, 2015

Deep Thoughts From Noah #59

Noah: "Mom, would you rather spend the rest of your life at the beach with some friends or be home with your family for the rest of your life?"

Me: "Though I love the beach...I'd miss my family...eventually. I'd stay with family."

Noah: "Do you know what I would choose?"

Me: "Of course! You'd pick family."

Noah: "No, I'd pick my friends."

Me: "Really?"

Noah: "Yeah, but I'd have a phone.  I could just call you when I wanted.  I know your number."

(And to think -- once I had his number...My kid is growing up!)


  1. OUCH!!!! I'm guessing every kid at some point will say this... sigh.

  2. Awesome blog but seemed you are not working any more on it... is it?

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    1. Thanks, glad to hear you are enjoying it. I post as often as I have something (or the kids) have something interesting to say....usually every few days or so. ;-)