Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Wrap Up 2015

Over the years Valentine's Day has become one of my favorite holidays.   I like it mainly because I don't have any expectations beyond spending the day with my family and good friends.  For the past six years part of our tradition has included dinner at White Castles. Though sliders are not my first choice, the price is right and the kids are free to be silly and enjoy themselves.  Besides, who needs diamond rings...when you can have chicken rings. 

I awoke to the smell of pancakes.  It seems pinterest is not just for women...
The kids received these adorable handmade valentines from their babysitter (who dared to grow up and graduate from college and get a real job). Thank you, Madi!
 Madi created these tiny little pouches to hold paper hearts with flower seeds embedded in them.
We spent the afternoon bowling with our dear friends - the Brauns.

Chicken Rings and Live Entertainment...Whities Is Full of Surprises.

Our stomachs and hearts were full to the brim.

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