Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lost & Found

Saturday started out like most, Steve leaving for work at the crack of dawn and me left to wrangle the kids.  Though I'm grateful he has a job...er, jobs to support us, sometimes I wonder if we'll ever get off this hamster wheel.  Rather than let the Cracker Jack Box-walls of our home close in on us, I decided to beat the blues by taking advantage of the milder temperatures and free admission Saturday at  "the beautiful gardens" as Natalie calls it...more commonly known as the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

Once inside the kids made a beeline for one of their favorite attractions, the Climatron.  The ball-like structure is home to thousands of tropical plants and features a learning center with plenty of things to touch and explore.  The theme at the center is always changing.  Currently it ties into the Chinese Lantern exhibit spread throughout the gardens.  Kids have the opportunity to dress in kimonos and prepare and serve stir-fry dishes in a pretend kitchen and restaurant complete with traditional serving ware, low tables and floor cushions.

Kimono Kid
Stir-fry Silliness
I invited the McCulla gang to join us.  I knew my hairdressing friend, Eraka would be working and that her hubby would need a way to keep their energetic, pint-sized posse entertained.  Not only that, but my kids would have more fun and "last longer" if they had friends with them.  Also, having Ryan with me is rather advantageous.  Not only does he provide an opportunity for adult conversation, but between the two of us, we can cover much more ground and keep better tabs on the kids at the Doris I. Schnuck Children's Garden.  Most importantly, since Ryan is nearly 7 feet tall, he can spot the kids more readily than anyone I know.

When we arrived I picked a central location and told the kids that if they should get lost, to head directly for this area.  Trouble is, kids never think they are lost. On the other hand, I made more trips to the "lost area" than I would have thought possible in one day, only to find myself alone among the trees.

At the end of our 4 hour, power play date, I found that if you are going to get lost...it's best to do it with friends.

Natalie and Ava cook up creations at
the General Store.

Noah uncovers fossils in the cave.
Alivia, Ross and Noah cross the ropewalk.
Madame Butterfly plays at
Pollination Garden.
Noah and Ross explore locks and dams.
Natalie and Alivia serve up lunch. 
The Treehouse

"Squirrel and Flower" puppet show.
Noah gives Alivia lessons in steering the steamboat.

The Get-along Gang

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  1. Nice story and thanks for sharing Andrea!