Monday, August 6, 2012

Left Out in the Cold

For the past six days I've not only been under the weather...I've been over, around and dragged through it.  During this time a frog has taken up residence in my throat with no plans to leave and Kleenex has been holding my nose hostage for far too long.  Though sleep has been elusive for me, I'm thankful my family's slumber has not been affected by my foghorn blows. 

However, I’m concerned that while I’ve been functioning in a head-cold daze, my kids have been betraying me by growing faster than should be allowed.  For instance, today my cell phone rang, but the call wasn’t for me.  The chipmunk-pitched female on the other line was interested in talking to Noah. 

(Huh? What’d I miss?  I must be in some sort of Twilight Zone.)

Numbly I called to Noah to tell him he had a phone call.

(But, he NEVER gets phone calls…much less from a girl.)

“Noah, it’s Alayna,” I said.

“Alayna? Oh, ok,” he responded nonchalantly.  Then he turned on his heel and closed his bedroom door while he spoke into the phone, “Hey Alayna.  How are you doing?”

I was floored.  What? No mention of Star Wars or launching into a monologue about how he just earned General Grievous while playing Star Wars The Complete Saga on the Wii?  Who is this kid?

As I held completely still with my ear bent toward the door I heard, “Yeah, so yesterday I went to Evan’s birthday party…you know, Evan from school?”  

My eyes began to well up and I bit down on the inside of my cheek for fear I’d start sobbing and therefore betray my location. 

“So, are you ready for school?  I just got these cool new shoes!” he shared.

(Hmmm…you mean the ones that started a meltdown in Kohl’s because they didn’t light up and weren’t in your favorite color?)

While I continued to eavesdrop on my 9 year old casanova, I heard, “So, tell Tatiana I said hi, too."

Later, when I shared Noah’s phone call with my mom, I told her how I couldn’t believe how appropriate and different he sounded with her.  My mom just laughed and said, “That’s because he’s not in love with you.”

What?!  He’s 9.  He doesn’t get to be in love with anything but bacon and his mother’s homemade banana chocolate chip muffins..

“That kid is going to be just fine.  He will find his way,” my mom continued.

Yeah, but what about me?

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  1. Hope you feel better soon!! Ohhh, and how little boys grow up so fast. Hang in there momma! :) Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog yesterday!! It was much appreciated!!