Saturday, March 30, 2013

No Cookies for Jesus

"Mom can we PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASE make cookies?...and I want to do all the cutting and rolling" shared Natalie

I cringed at the thought of dealing with uncooperative dough and the mess that goes along with it. That is, until I remembered the super easy, ultra delicious sugar cookie recipe my friend, Susan, had shared with me.

"We can make bunnies and eggs and chicks and..." Natalie rattled.

But after she and I searched the kitchen cabinets, playdoh accessories and the overflow of kitchen gadgets stored in the basement, it became clear...we were not going to be making Easter bunny cookies.

"I know!  Let's make cookies with my tiara cookie cutter" squealed Natalie.  "And, we can cut off the top part on some to make them look like crowns," she added.

"Hmmm...actually that may be even better, Nat.  Do you remember what Easter is about?...Jesus the true king, who rose from the dead and..." I began before Natalie cut in.

"Um...Mom, you can pretend the crowns are for Jesus, but really these cookies are for the Easter bunny," explained Natalie.


  1. SO funny!!! Love those kids and I have never even met them! :)

    1. They keep life interesting -- that's for sure! ;-)