Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Muver's Day 2013

"Happy Muver's Day!" Natalie cheered as I entered the kitchen.  She and Steve were in the middle of making crepes.  "I cracked the eggs!" she proudly shared.  

Natalie also set the table and made sure to include a bit of color to the arrangement by placing a single, red German (as Noah called it...better known as a Geranium) in the middle of the table. Both kids gave me cards they had made at school.  When Noah handed me his, he said, "I didn't have time to glue the paper to the card so I just set it inside it.  You can glue it in yourself because you like doing that kind of thing, right?" On the inside of his card was a "Mom checklist". Noah told me he read through all of the items and only checked off the ones he was sure about.  

One of the hallmarks of kids on the spectrum is extreme anxiety.  In school and at home, Noah will often hide skills he has gained until he is 110% sure he can perform the tasks perfectly.  He and other kids like him also crave absolutes...and prefer everything to be black and white. Which explains why when faced with the "checklist" he only marked off the things he was confident I was ALL of the time -- loving and kind...I'll take it.


  1. AW!!!! Those are the most important ones a mom could ever hope for!!! Bless his heart... :)