Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Musings From Natalie #78

After looking through her copy of "It's Not the Stork"...

Natalie: "Mom, did it hurt when they cut the cord?"
Me: "Not a bit."
Natalie: "Mom, will I have a car by then?"
Me: "When."
Natalie: "When I have a baby."
Me: "Uhh...yes. I'm sure you will."
Natalie: "Well, I'm stopping at the store before I go to the hospital."
Me: "What are you going to buy?"
Natalie: "A baby carrier."
(And I thought I was a planner.)

Natalie: "When I grow up can I stay with you?"
Me: "As long as you like."
Natalie: "Can I borrow the car?"
Me: (puzzled look)
Natalie: "Cause I don't want to have to spend my own money."

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