Friday, December 27, 2013

St. Louisans Never Forget

Today the kids and I took advantage of the warmer temps to venture out to one of our favorite places -- the St. Louis Zoo.  While they never tire of viewing the butterflies at the Insectarium or hanging with the chimps at the Primate House, today we spent most of our time at the River's Edge exhibit.  We came to wish Raja, the first Asian elephant born at the zoo, a Happy 21st Birthday.  Every year zookeepers remember his special day by throwing him a party.  They fill half a dozen cardboard gift boxes with his favorite foods including peanuts, popcorn, melons and bananas.

Raja's gifts.  We sang Happy Birthday to him, but due to the crowds -- quickly headed out.

We had a much better view of Raja's daughters enjoying their party favors.

Raja is proud papa to four girls - Maliha, age 7, Jade, age 6 ½, Kenzi, age 2½, and Priya, age 8 months.

With crowds quickly rolling in, we opted to skip the cupcakes and cocoa in favor of trying a new local confectionary to hit St. Louis  -- Strange Donuts.  A friendly shop nestled in the growing business community of Maplewood. The shop features a dozen different flavors both classic and fanciful creations like Campfire, Fat Elvis and Strange Bacon.
They were all out of the "white fat Steve" (classic long john) so Nat chose a black fat Steve

With my chocolate lover son -- he had no problem making his selection - a chocolate cake with Nutella and chocolate drizzle icing.  I chose a peanut butter and jelly for Steve who eats PB sandwiches every single day.  For myself, I ordered a maple bacon glaze.  It was the last one -- apparently they run out of it every day.

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