Sunday, December 15, 2013

How to Have a Good Time in the Snow -- Mom Versus Dad

Comparing Playbooks:

1.  Good health and fun go hand in hand. 
Every inch of skin must be covered in layers of clothing labeled "Thinsulate"

2. Safety is #1.  Repeat these 3 phrases a hundred zillion times:
"Not in the face.  Not in the face!"
"Feet first.  Feet first!"
"Water is not a good idea."


1. They have a "Tim the Tool Man Taylor" attitude and can be heard saying things like "With a little water this hill..."
2. They encourage creativity. They give their sleds names like "the rocket" and "the blue bomber"
3. Fun is where you find it.  Catching air while sledding is NOT an accident. 
4. They believe in teaching their children about other cultures like sledding "Australian style"

Today I am thankful my kids have the benefit of enjoying plays from both books.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! SO true and SO hilarious!!! Sharing!!! :)