Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Musings From Natalie #88

Natalie has been begging me to start a "Green Club" at her school since last year when I did a unit on recycling and "being green" with her Daisy troop.  Here's a convo from today...

Natalie: "Mom, can we please start a Green Club tomorrow?"
Me: "Hmmm...winter is just not the best time to start a club.  Maybe we can look into doing that in the spring...when it's green outside.  What would you do at a Green Club meeting anyway?"
Natalie: "Have a graham crackers."
Me: "What if you ate things that were green or came from the earth like fruits and vegetables?"
Natalie: "Yeah!"
Me: "What else?"
Natalie: "We'd pick up trash."
Me: "And..."
Natalie: "Hug trees!"
Me:  "Hug trees?"
Natalie: "Mom!  Trees are important.  They give us air and we help them when we breathe...we have a relationship with them." (she says...emphasizing the word relationship with a give and take motion with her hands)

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