Saturday, January 31, 2015

Musings From Natalie #109

Natalie: "Mom, can you look at my you see any little black dots on it?"
Me: "I don't see anything."
Natalie: "Dang it! I was hoping my wings had started to sprout.  I've been wishing so hard for a pair of black wings! I've been sleeping on my side at night so that they have plenty of room to come in, too."

"Mom, what do you think God's hugs feel like?

Me: "Who are you talking to?"
Natalie: "The virus in my throat."
Me: ?
Natalie: "I was trying to persuade it to leave my throat and go find a giraffe because it has a much longer neck than me and I thought it would be happier there.

After learning that she now also has pneumonia...
"Mom, I'm so tired of being sick.  I want to get rid of this body, but I'll keep my melon because it gives me good ideas and I don't want to think like anyone else."

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