Thursday, May 21, 2015

2nd Grade Poetry

Today was Natalie's last day of 2nd grade.  She cleaned out her desk and brought these treasures home.

Wet clay feels like a mushy banana
It looks like gray wool
It sounds like a tin can
Wet clay smells like a toilet bowl.

The stars are shining
Twinkle twinkle
They are very high
Twinkle twinkle
They come out at dark
Twinkle twinkle
They are as white as the moon
Twinkle twinkle
Good night stars

In fall the trees are like rainbows
In winter the trees are like skeletons
In spring the trees are like cherries.
In summer the trees are like hot blurs

I am a gorilla!
Oooh, ooh,
I have black fur
Oooh, ooh,
I eat bananas
Oooh, aaah,
I live in a nest made of green leaves
Oooh...I am loud!

Wolly and the Bully
Hi my name is Wolly
I have a big dilemna
I have a bully
His name is Solly
He tricks me and hits me
I don't know what to do!
But one day I said
Hey, Solly wanna play hide n' go seek?
Sure, he said.