Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015 Wrap-Up

Jesus is the reason for the season and this Christmas was no exception.  I feel blessed to have my family together...healthy and thriving. Noah has found a tribe of good friends at Miriam School and is making great progress.  Natalie enjoys school and finds simple pleasure in reading and making up stories. Steve continues to do "whatever it takes" to keep our family afloat...whether that means working a second job, doing side work or working weekends.  He's determined to give us all he thinks we deserve and then some.  His loyalty, love and commitment knows no bounds.

While the kids no longer believe in Santa Claus, they continue to enjoy keeping the Christmas spirit alive.

"Mom, how many cookies should we put out for Santa?" asked Noah

"I hope Santa doesn't forget to write us Christmas letters," shared Natalie.

God Bless Us Everyone

Christmas Day with cousins
Nat and Grandpa Dick
His birthday is sandwiched between Christmas and New Years.
This year's gift - Bacon Jam
Since my brother's family were unable to join us
for BINGO on Thanksgiving - we played again on Christmas Day

Brian puts on his game face.

Snooki ornament reappears...circa BINGO 2011

The gang! (minus Renee's kids)
Because who doesn't like a pie in the face?
Wyatt's expression is priceless!

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