Thursday, September 14, 2017

Read & Ramble #3: BFG

Finding ways to connect with your tweens and teens can be tough sometimes. Barbie dolls and Littlest Pet Shops have packed up and left our home and watching a Minecraft screen makes me dizzy (not to mention bored. I just don't get the attraction).  However, books are still an option. Even though my kids are more than capable of reading to themselves - we still find moments to read together.

It has been awhile since we've done a "Read & Ramble" - my idea in which we read a story and then try to find a place that complements it. Last weekend in honor of Natalie's love of Roald Dahl books (especially The BFG) -- we headed to the town of giants.

Casey, Illinois - a small community located about two hours east of St. Louis holds the Guinness Book of World Records for eight of the world's largest things. We spent the afternoon touring the town, window shopping and taking pictures of ourselves with a bunch of big stuff. My favorite was the world's largest knitting needles. They each weighed 25 lbs and in order to be in the Guinness Book, they had to be used! (Cast on 10 stitches and knit 10 rows).

On our way we spotted a really, really big cross.

It really spins, too.

No world record...just big
The box can be closed, too. And, if you send out a letter from it your mail will be postmarked stating it was sent from the world's largest mailbox. I sent a letter to the kids to test it out.

World's largest pair of wooden shoes.
A big minion...they couldn't resist.

World's largest windchime -- it really works, too.

I really wanted the opportunity to climb up on this chair and sit like I was Lily Tomlin's beloved character, Edith Ann.

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