Sunday, November 5, 2017

Being Present and Thankful

As a native St. Louisan one would think I'd be used to our town's yo-yo weather, however today's near 80 temps still came as a pleasant surprise. Steve and I traded our family's usual routine of attending church services, for the opportunity to relish a bonus, summer-like day at Forest Park and later enjoy Dia de los Muertos at The Missouri History Museum.

As we walked the paths and took in the kaleidoscope of color, Noah and Natalie pointed out their discoveries -- a ladybug, leaves shaped like hearts, pods filled with seeds and a willow tree perfect for climbing. I took some time to breathe, to hold hands with my husband and to Thank God for all He has given us. In those moments I felt more connected to Him than I have in weeks. A reminder that He is always present and patiently waiting to hear from us.

Yay - not too big to enjoy the Variety Wonderland playground.
It's been awhile since I've seen him smile this much.

Circus Kaput were not only talented but FAST! They created Nat's half sugar skull face in under 5 minutes.
Nat shares a colorful grin with our favorite MO Hist personality - Lindsay Newton, manager of Youth and Family programs

We enjoyed viewing the striking, eye-catching alters created to celebrate the lives of friends and family who have passed on.

Nat stands in front of an alter to celebrate Veterans

Breads and fruit and nuts are often part of the alters.

My brother's family lost their beloved, 13 year old boxer last week. Nat left Dozer a note at the pet alter.

She also wanted to remember my kitties - Bailey and Tig.

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