Sunday, August 19, 2018

You Might be an Autism Parent If...

You might be an Autism Parent If...

1. Your child has no problem putting together a 500 piece LEGO set, but tying his shoes is a challenge.

2. Your child is a Star Wars trivia master, but naming all 12 months of the year in order is difficult.

3. Your child can hold more than 20 pieces of music in his head, but he can't remember if he fed his gerbils.

4. Your child can play complicated music by John Williams on his keyboard, but printing out his first and last name takes real effort.

This month Action for Autism St. Louis will be celebrating a decade of serving St. Louis families with their annual Family Fun Walk. Our family has been supported by this wonderful group since it's inception. This past summer AFA helped us bridge the often difficult time between school and summer break by sending Noah to two different summer programs -- 1. an intensive 2 week, academic boot camp which he actually loved. He and one other student received one-on-one instruction in reading support and math skills. The teacher found creative ways to reinforce math concepts through cooking. He also took part in a group sports class that focused on social skills and being a good sport.

As a recipient of Action for Autism support, it is an honor to help them generate pledges to help more children and their families who are affected by Autism.  If you can, please make a tax deductible donation to Action for Autism. Click this link and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. There are three fields to complete. Please put our last name - FELGENHAUER - in the donation notes field. Or, message me privately to make arrangements.

Thanks so much!

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