Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blue & Gold Banquet 2013

On February 9th we attended Noah's first Blue & Gold Banquet.  Held at the Masonic Temple in Webster Groves, the circus themed room pulsed with testosterone and the smell of fried chicken.  The kids and I met Steve there as he was in charge of picking up 300 pieces of King Edward's finest for the event.  It was a fun evening punctuated with lots of laughs thanks to our entertainer, Juggling Jeff.  But, the best part was seeing the look on Noah's face when he heard his name called during the award ceremony.  As it turns out, you don't have to build the fastest car to win at Pinewood Derby.  Noah earned a 1st place trophy for his entry in the category of "Original Design".

Smorgasbord of side dishes.

Juggling Jeff  is always a good time.
Each den was charged with making a cake for the cake decorating contest.  This one was done by Noah's group.  I can only imagine what the poor Den mother's kitchen looked like after a dozen boys had been through it.
Noah looks a bit shellshocked.
The A Team
Noah with his buddy, Jacob