Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mollie and the Two Cats

Aside from hatching plans to catch a fairy, probably one of Natalie's favorite things to do is have me transcribe her stories.  She has so many!  Below is a recent one she shared with me.  I write her words down verbatim.  She instinctively adds dialogue and lots of description and naturally follows the age old writing rule: Show Don't Tell.  

Mollie and the Two Cats by Natalie
After school Mollie and her mom saw two cats – a momma cat and a kitten. 

Mollie said, “Mom, can we keep them?”

Mollie’s mom tried to pet the cats, but the baby cat hissed at them and the momma cat put her leg over the baby cat’s mouth because she didn’t want the hissing to scare Mollie and her mom.  Mollie’s mom started thinking about keeping the two cats.  She looked into the cute eyes of the kitten and her big momma cat.

“Can we keep them?” asked Mollie one more time.

Finally her mom nodded yes.  She named the fat momma cat Pinky and the little kitten Pink.

Mr. Blue, their next door neighbor hates cats.  He never ever gets dirty.  Mr. Blue is the mayor.  Mollie went to see if she could have a play date with his daughter, Sarah.  Mrs. Blue came running along.  She is a little small.  She held Mr. Blue’s hand and smiled because she loves cats.  Mrs. Blue started to pet the kitten but the kitten hissed at her, but she didn’t mind.

One day Mr. Blue had a plan.  He was going to pull the two cats tails.  Mrs. Blue raced over and told Mollie what he was going to do.

“Hide your cats!  He’s going to pull their tails!” said Mrs. Blue.

Mollie hid the cats under her bed.  Mr. Blue couldn’t find them because they went to sleep and made no sound.  Mr. Blue thought about how painful it would be to the cats to pull their tails and changed his mind.  Now he loves cats…but he hates dogs.

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  1. Love the twist at the end!!! So cute! So do you have a mean neighbor guy? Just curious!! Looks like you have a budding gifted writer on your hands... :)