Saturday, February 2, 2013

Musings from Natalie #33

Natalie: “I want to wear my cowboy boots today."
Me: “I’m sorry but today is a gym day.  You have to wear tennis shoes…and by the way you need to learn to tie your own shoes."
Natalie: “But, I only know how to make knots."
Me: “I will teach you."
Natalie: “But, I don’t want to learn."
Me: “I won’t always be around to do it for you."
Natalie: “Then Daddy can…and then my husband will do it and bring me chocolate."
Me: “Like Daddy brings chocolate for me?”
Natalie: “Yes.  Hey!  Why did you get to marry him first?”

Unfortunately I flipped the radio station just as Ke$ha was singing "that magic in your pants is making me blush" to which Natalie immediately piped up from the back seat, "ugh! magic in your pants..what is that?"
"Oh, I'm sure they are talking about him dancing like he has ants in his pants," I offered.
I ventured a quick peek over my shoulder to see if she was buying it.  She looked at me with one eyebrow raised and her head cocked to the side which told me she wasn't so sure I was telling the whole story, but was willing to give me a pass...this time. Phew.


  1. My almost-7-year-old hears that song more than I would like... it's a shame that pop songs can't have a little more positive message.

    Happy Saturday Sharefest!

  2. HA! At least she has a great idea about how her husband will treat her!! LOVE that. :)