Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Musings From Natalie #50

Convo with Natalie as we head into the building for her first day of vacation bible school camp:
Natalie: "Mom, do you think everyone is nervous today?  Because I have caterpillars in my stomach that are getting ready to turn into butterflies."
Me: "I'm sure everyone is a little nervous and excited.  You are going to have a GREAT time!"
Natalie: "What do they do there?...give you foot massages?"
Me: "Foot massages?  Where did you get that idea?"
Natalie: "You said it's called vee-cation camp."
(Sigh...I think I need one.)


  1. What wonderful imagery, "caterpillars getting ready to turn into butterflies"! Smart and creative!

  2. Oh how AMAZINGLY creative that sentence is!! I agree with Rachel on this one. Just LOVE it. :)