Monday, July 8, 2013

Musings From Natalie #56

At 3 a.m:
Natalie: "Mahhhm, I had a bad dream."
Me: "Alright...I'll come sleep with you."
 (dang you Scooby Doo...)

At 7 a.m:
Natalie: "Mom! I can't believe I slept all night without the nightlight!"
Me: "Do you think it could have been because I spent half the night in your bed with you?"
Natalie: "I had the best dream...about WORMS!  I dreamed about baby worms hatching from eggs.  The eggs had these little pink stripes on them and..."


  1. That would have been a nightmare for Baby Girl - lol - your child is truly priceless!

    1. It would have been a nightmare for me, too. They certainly broke the mold with her. ;-)

  2. I want to have dreams of worms with pink stripes on them!!! Too cute. :)