Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Musings From Natalie #89

Natalie: "Mom, I just made up a new joke."
Me: "Let's hear it."
Natalie: "Where do cows go after they get married?"
Me: "Where?"
Natalie: "On their honeymooooooooon!"

Natalie loves to dance. She enjoys doing moves like "the lawnmower" and "the sprinkler" while shaking her booty to the Cha Cha Slide.  The other day I hear, "Hey, Mom!  I made up a new dance move....I call it "the lifeguard."  She wouldn't let me video it, but it looks like she's doing CPR compressions on herself to the beat of the music.
(Help! Help! I'm drowning in giggles over here!")

Me:  "Come on!  Turn off the iPad. We have to get to the meeting."
Natalie: "I don't want to....I think I'm done with Daisies."
Me: "What? We'll, you can't be because I'm the leader of your troop.  They are depending on us.
(In my head I'm thinking: Besides, I'm not ready to quit!)
While Natalie drags her feet, I probe...
Me: "Well, what would you rather do? Dance? Play a sport? Take an art class?"
Natalie: "Nah"
Me: "Well, you have to choose something to be apart of...some kind of extracurricular."
Natalie: "But, I'm already in an extracurricular activity."
Me: "No, you're not."
Natalie: "Yes, I am."
Me: "Like what?"
Natalie: "Like hanging out with my Mom."

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