Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014 Wrap Up

My day began with...
A scavenger hunt from Natalie

In the afternoon we set out for the Missouri History Museum's kick-off party to celebrate their newest exhibit 250 in 250.  St. Louis turns 250 in 2014! To capture our city's rich history and culture, the Missouri History Museum does it through the stories of 50 People, 50 Places, 50 Images, 50 Moments, and 50 Objects. If you've never been -- it's a great place to visit with or without kids.  And, it's FREE.

When ice freezes a river solid, blocking all river traffic, it's called an ice gorge. When this happened in 1905, adventurous St. Louisans like the woman in this photo flocked to the riverbanks to take advantage of the opportunity to venture across the river on foot. This woman is not alone — if you look behind her, you'll see a line of people who all wanted to say they'd crossed the river without a boat or a bridge.  And, thanks to Step Inside Historic St. Louis at the Missouri History Museum, Noah and Natalie can say they were there as well.
The kids decorated guitars in honor of one of St. Louis' great musicians, Chuck Berry
No party is complete without cake.  They decorated cupcakes and enjoyed hot cocoa.
Carter, Natalie and Jenna rock out.
The World's Fair exhibit was definitely their favorite.
After MO Hist. we headed to dinner.  We've had reservations for weeks!

What parts of the chicken do chicken rings come from? Ask Steve - he has a few ideas.
Say cheese...burgers!

Steve and his harem.
The gang
I came home to find this sweet surprise on my porch.  Thanks, Michelle! 

What Steve lacks in creativity, he more than makes up for in taste.
Handcrafted milk chocolate sea salt caramels
Love at first bite.


  1. What A PERFECT way to spend your Valentine's Day!! Love from Natalie as only that girl can do it- a day at an awesome museum....and coming home after a good/fun meal to find goodies. Just perfect. :)