Sunday, June 29, 2014

Postcards From the Peanut Gallery Wks. 4-5

6/16/14 Natalie began VBS camp at Webster Gardens Lutheran Church.  Though we aren't members, each summer they welcome our family with open arms.  Their team is not only ultra-organized, but creative and come up with inviting, colorful decorations and fun activities to teach children about God's love. 
Each time they brought in money, they could add a balloon to the container.  By the end of the week, the kids had raised $800 to fund clean drinking water for children in India.
Natalie with her camp counselor, Caroline.
6/17/14 Celebrating 12 Years with new coverings for our 85 year old home.  We are only the 2nd owners.  The original dweller called it home for 73 years!

6/19/14 A fun GNO with my friend, Terri.  We attended a Home Depot Do It Herself Workshop to learn how to build an occasion table and I won a cool lantern in a drawing.  The free, monthly workshops are held in the store, last about an hour and include dinner and a chance to win a prize.  At this workshop there were four prizes...with about 25 women in attendance.  So, odds were good one of us would win.  But, no one went home empty handed, we were all given loot bags filled with chocolatey treats.

6/21/14 Together Natalie and her friends, Megan and Lindsay caught a combined total of 461 1/2 inches of fish at the 11th Annual DesPeres Youth Fishing Derby.  

6/22/14 Sunday evening we gathered at the Braun's house for a long overdue fiesta.  Barb served yummy Tilapia Tacos with fresh, homemade salsa.  She invited two other families to join us -- the Browns and the McCullas -- whom Barb and I met through MOPS.  I was part of a MOPS group for nearly 10 years.  The group served not only to help me through some tough mothering times, but taught me how to have a closer relationship with God.
The hostess with the mostest
The girls approved of my Tres Leches cake.
Nancy - the Baby Whisperer
Eraka and Rhys.  Rhys really enjoyed my salted pretzel caramel brownies. So easy but really good!
6/25/14  I was so happy when I received an email from the library stating that Noah and Natalie had moved up on the wait list and were officially registered for their Candy Science program. However, not everyone in our camp felt the same way...
Noah: "I am NOT going...I hate science."
But, within minutes, Noah was very much engaged and excited to participate and answer questions posed by the librarian.  They performed several experiments based on the book, Candy Experiments by Loralee Leavitt. 

6/26/14 With Noah at Camp Happy Day, Natalie enjoyed a fun morning at the zoo with her best friend, Alex.  The two share a gift for the gab, a zany sense of humor and a love of animals. We checked out the three new exhibits in the River's Edge (Sun Bear Forest, Purina Painted Dog Preserve and Andean Bear Range) and met a new edition - a 3 week old camel named Presley.
Mama, Papa and baby Presley
Something you don't get to see at the zoo every day.
I love an artist with a sense of humor.
Andean Bear Range exhibit.
The new preserve offers viewers an up-close look at the Painted Dogs.
While they didn't see the sun bear, they did find a new place to hang out.
 6/28/14 Due to the kids' bout with stomach flu followed by a series of scheduling conflicts - we had to wait nearly a month to celebrate Noah's birthday.  But, it was worth it, as this was the first time in 11 years that it didn't storm on his party day. Another first...he asked for party decorations.  Of course, he didn't share this with me until the day before his party and none of the local shops had anything Lord of the Rings.  Thankfully I was able to find a free, downloadable LOTR font and created a small banner and sign.  The result?...He was happier than a Hobbit enjoying second breakfast.
I found edible wafer paper LEGO LOTR cupcake toppers on ebay from a baker in England. The best $5 I ever spent.
Noah with his new friend, Ben.


  1. Gosh what an amazing VBS!! 800 bucks is amazing!! Love all the fun for Noah's belated birthday celebration!! And that Candy science program seems like so much fun. Your library has such great programs...

    And I think my guess is now confirmed as I decided to go back and see for myself. Natalie got a hair cut? My first thought when I read your more recent post was "OH LOOK AT HER CUTE HAIR!!!" She looks SO adorable!!! And then I thought- wait, maybe she had it cut for months and I didn't notice! How awful of me!!!

    So I came back here to read and take in all your amazing activities and events (wow) and I saw her long pony tails and thought EUREKA! lol oh that girl is so cute!!

  2. They really do a terrific job. Nat can't wait to return next summer.
    Her hair remains long...almost reaching her waist. I had styled it into a french braid bun style. ;-)