Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Family Time Travelers

Last Sunday we traveled back in time to celebrate Pioneer Days at the Daniel Boone Home & Heritage Center (DBHHC) located in historic Defiance, Missouri. Boone's Home overlooks a village made up of more than a dozen 19th century buildings. Each structure has been moved to the site from within 50 miles of the area. Buildings include a general store, school house, chapel, woodworking shop and grist mill and offer a glimpse into life on the Missouri frontier.

The DBHHC is owned and operated by Lindenwood University. According to their website, their mission is to provide a center for fully integrated learning on all education levels; to preserve and protect the historic structures, collections, and natural resources that comprise the facility; and to interpret the early American frontier experience in Missouri as exemplified by the Boone family and their contemporaries.

The kids had a ball dipping candles, throwing tomahawks and learning about games kids their age would have played back in the day.  They marveled at all the craftsmen skills required to create comforts we take for granted  -- like spinning wool for clothing, carving wood for every day furniture and cooking food for hours in fire-pitted ovens.  Natalie learned from one of the carpenters where the phrase "good night sleep tight" originated.  Back then beds were constructed of a web of ropes that had to be tightened regularly to keep from sagging.

As we meandered through the village, drinking in the sunshine, we sort of lost track of time and I was surprised to learn three hours had passed without a gripe from the peanut gallery.  It was a great day to unplug from electronics and connect with each other.

Daniel Boone stl250 cake!

"This is gonna take awhile, I think."
Noah does the tomahawk two-step
Natalie and Steve listen as the women spin yarn and tales about their lives on the frontier.

Inside the Peace Chapel

Time for School!
The kids sampled the sweet leaves of a stevia plant.
Natalie was happy to try her hand at sewing.

Taking a break to enjoy the sunshine.

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