Saturday, November 15, 2014

Eight is Great!

Eight years ago today our family's life became infused with more pink...more fairy dust and more belly laughs than we could have ever dreamed possible.

Happy 8th Birthday to Natalie the girl who...
* loves female pop or as she calls them "smokin' girl songs" 
* loves to eat spinach and pumpkin flax granola and once told me "please don't put potato chips in my lunch box anymore as they distract me from eating my vegetables"
* loves to spend her free time making up jokes, drawing and writing stories.  She tells me her dream is to become a famous author.
* never met a stuffed animal she didn't like. Her love for all things fuzzy and fluffy is seriously testing our occupancy limit.
* often understands her big brother better than her Dad and I.
* brings joy, laughter and fun everywhere she goes.

Natalie, 7 months
Here is a clip of her singing with her Dad at the age of 2. She had only heard the song once before but as you can see from the clip -- made it all her own.

Whether happy or sleepy - she could be found twirling her hair. 
Natalie, 2 1/2 years
The girl LOVES olives.
Natalie, 4 years

The Butterfly Whisperer
Natalie, 4 1/2 years

She LOVES bugs. She often carries them in her pockets.
Natalie, 5 1/2 years
She's a collector...from fairies and Littlest Pet Shop to buttons and candy wrappers.
Natalie, 6 1/2 years
She's a Brownie...with a passion for sales. 
"Ok, so you like Thin Mints?...Would you like 1 box, 2 boxes or 13?"
Natalie 7 1/2 years
Today I want to freeze her...this age...this time, but I also love watching her grow and mature.  Happy Birthday Natalie!
This morning we sent her on a scavenger hunt.  She found a treasure chest with a stack of $1s. 
We're off to the mall! 


  1. Fantastic idea! I love the tiny theme. I heard hints about it leading up to the big day. Thanks for connecting the dots. The girls had a great time!!

  2. AW!!! What a lovely tribute highlighting the amazingness that precious Natalie is!! Happy (belated) birthday to YOU mama!!! And of course- to her. Such a special and beautiful spirit she is!! Here's to the journey... CHEERS!

    1. She definitely keeps me on my creative toes! Thanks for stopping by. You are always such a breath of fresh encouragement. ;-)

  3. Hi Andrea,

    I just dropped by to wish you a Happy SITS Day! And, of course, I could not help but notice how adorable your daughter is.

    Rachel recently wrote Gremblins Got You Trembling?

    1. Thanks for stopping in Rachel. I had a great day. SITS is awesome!