Wednesday, November 26, 2014

There's No Place Like St. Louis

Yesterday while T.V. stations across the planet looped footage of protesters hurling bricks, looting businesses and blowing up cars in historic Ferguson...a St. Louis suburb located just 15 miles from our home -- our T.V.s remained off.  We refused to give those who have chosen to take advantage of a town hurting, our attention. However, our hearts are open and prayers focused on families and business owners forced to wade through the chaos. 

Instead, Steve and I decided it was time to introduce the kids to The Wizard of Oz.  As we sat squashed on the couch together, I waited for them to flinch when the creepy flying monkeys appeared.  As I did, I realized how incredibly unfair it was the scariest thing my kids would experience that evening would be watching a group of soaring mutant primates; while families living across town were devising safety plans for completing every day tasks like buying groceries.

It's not fair.

While I've traveled to Europe and worked in the Caribbean for a spin, I've lived in St. Louis nearly my whole life and have always been proud to call the Gateway to the West -- home.  However, the media's near constant focus on those set on destroying not only tarnishing our city's reputation, it's doing little to nothing to help bring positive change and support to those who need it most.

It's not fair.

I'm a Christian, a wife, a mother, but mostly I'm just an imperfect human -- trying to raise a family in a broken world.  While I'm not sure how to fix some of the problems that lead us to this very dark place, I believe compassion and love are a good place to start.
Recently, I was asked to participate in a grassroots initiative started by a local vlogger, called We are StL.  The purpose being to promote all that is good about St. Louis.

I don't know where to begin. There are so many things to highlight. Whether it's enjoying our unique dishes: toasted ravioli, cracker crust-provel-laden pizzas, gooey butter cakes, Ted Drewe's frozen custard concretes or the numerous educational and cultural experiences available (many of which are free).  Below are links to adventures our family has enjoyed in and around St. Louis. After reading I'm sure you'll agree -- there's no place like St. Louis.

I wish I could click my heels three times and bring us all to a better place of understanding to heal our communities, divided.  We ask for your prayers and support by sharing your favorite things about St. Louis at #WeAreStL or by linking your blog and vlog posts using the linky tool below.

American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog
Audubon Center at Riverlands
Challenger Learning Center
City Museum
Daniel Boone Home & Heritage Center
DesPeres Park Youth Fishing Derby
Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial State Park and Visitor's Center
Doris I. Schnuck Children's Garden

Fair St. Louis
Forest Park Forever Playground
Grant's Farm
Kemp Auto Museum
Laumier Sculpture Park
Magic House 
Mastadon State Historic Site

Missouri Botanical Gardens
Missouri History Museum and History Clubhouse for kids
Museum of Transportation 
National Great Rivers Museum and the Melvin Price Locks and Dam
Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center
Purina Farms
and  Blue Grass Festival and Kids' Carnival
St. Louis Art Museum
St. Louis Science Center
St. Louis Zoo and special exhibits - Caribbean Cove  Sea Lion Sound
Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House
World Bird Sanctuary  and  National Trails Day


  1. I'm so glad you found the time to write such a wonderful a post. And I will be referencing this list in the future, for sure.

  2. Great post! I clicked over from the Sharefest because I saw the fleur de lis... that one's also claimed by my home town of New Orleans - another place that residents are rallying behind. I've never been to St Louis - thanks for showing me some reasons I should consider a visit!

    1. Thank you! Come on over. You won't be disappointed.

  3. Well said! I consider myself a St. Louisan, even though we live across the river. My husband is from the city and we both work and do most of our playing there. It is truly a great place to live and should not be judged by the poor actions of a few or the over active media.
    ps-The City Museum and the Soulard neighborhood!!! Two of our favorite things!!

    1. Thanks for stopping in. Have a beautiful day.

  4. LOVE City Museum, It was on our list this summer as we drove from Chicago to Texas, to LA to San Francisco to Napa, to Colorado to Chicago. Yeah, crazy ROAD TRIP!!! We LOVE St. Louis. The media SUCKS. Years ago my husband and I lived in Israel, and Egypt, during the time of what all Americans thought was HEAVY bombing. My MIL was always calling asking if we had survived the night. We had no clue as to what she was talking about. America had Israel burning to the ground, we lived right there and we were clueless. We pray the Ferguson and St. Louis find the love again, we love you St. Louis and all that you have to offer!!!!

    1. lol! I think you may have met my daughter at the City Museum where she is floor staff!!! I recall hearing about a family on an awesome road trip!!

    2. Thanks for stopping in. We appreciate your support and prayers.