Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Seed Has Been Planted

"Grandparents, like heroes, are as necessary to a child's growth as vitamins."
Joyce Allston

A few weeks ago my folks made a surprise visit to our house and offered to take the kids to see Art in Bloom at the St. Louis Art Museum.  While I was thrilled for my children to have this rare one-on-one time with my parents -- neither kid was convinced they would enjoy the excursion.  For weeks I had been trying to get our family to visit the museum during their "Family Sundays".

Every Sunday afternoon The St. Louis Art Museum invites families to drop in between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. for hands-on art activities and a lively 30-minute tour through the Galleries.

But, each time I broached the subject, the kids put on an act that would make even
SNL Whiners cover their ears. So, being the democratic parent that I am, I gave them a choice -- visit the museum with their grandparents or stay home and scrub floors and clean the toilet with me.

As the kids made a bee-line to their grandparent's car -- I pulled my mom aside and told her "thank you, good luck...see ya in an hour."

She brushed off my comment and confidently pointed her chin at my camera sitting on the table, "I need a camera."

In that moment I knew, she had fully accepted the challenge and would use her super-powers that only grandparents possess -- to make sure my kids not only had a good time at the museum, but would want to return again. And, she planned on bringing home proof of it. 

While  their car pulled out of the driveway, I waved and breathed a sigh knowing she would work her magic once again as I remembered she is the same woman who taught my picky, "I only like processed meat and cheese" son to try and LOVE hummus.  She's also the same person who convinced my nephew (2 at the time) that green beans were really just green French fries...the Art Museum would be no big whoop.

In the end, Natalie truly loved the exhibit, made up of more than 30 floral interpretations of artistic masterpieces.  She really "got it" and enjoyed sharing with her grandma what similarities she found between the floral arrangements and the art.  And while Noah wasn't as excited about the displays, he did enjoy viewing the mummy collection and various battle armor exhibits.


Thanks Mom and Dad for helping me plant the seed.

A little apprehensive but no one is crying here.

Natalie and Grandma Mary

Celebrating with their first StL250 cake...only 249 more to go!


  1. Okay- so first of all, did you change your blog or am I just so exhausted I can't see right? LOVING it!!!

    And secondly, how cool that your parents came in town unexpectedly and took the kids (away) to the museum!!! LOVE the magic of grandparents!!! Looks amazing...

    1. Hi Chris! Good to hear from you! It sounds like you are as busy as ever -- such is a mom's life! Nope - haven't changed my blog. ;-)

  2. You and your kids are lucky to have grandparents! By the time my daughter came along my father had passed away, and my mom was ill, and not up to the fun, and antics she and my nieces had enjoyed years before. I'm sorry she missed this part of growing up.

    1. Definitely, Nancy. Thanks for stopping in.