Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Postcards From the Peanut Gallery Wks. 11 & 12

"I can't believe it's over!...can't we have just one more week?!" said Natalie.

While our summer vacation has been memorable, I'm not sure I share her sentiment.  Tomorrow is the first day of school for both kids and I'm ready...
 1. School supplies have been purchased and teachers have been met - Natalie was thrilled to get Mrs. Raymond this year and shared with me "Did you know a cool fact about Mrs. R. is that she is perky!"
2.  Noah is beginning 5th grade at a new school and while he is nervous, he is also excited.  However, when I asked him what he was looking forward to most, 'making new friends' was not the response I heard. Instead he said, "maybe I'll meet a girl."
Say what?
Both kids have grown so much this summer.  Last week we visited Grant's Farm and during the Animal Encounter Show Noah raised his hand to be volunteer.  I couldn't believe it.  Normally, when anyone asks for a hand, Noah is practically hiding under the seats.  Later in the day he said yes to riding a camel...a camel! 

Feeding hungry goats at Grant's Farm...it never gets old.
Noah was part of the "rat race" at Grant's Farm's Animal Encounter Show.
Noah took a couple laps with Gumby.
Noah was invited to explore the Museum of Transportation with his new friend.
My favorite view that day. The two boys chatting about their train adventures.
Noah and Natalie cashed in on their free Magic House tickets earned from the library's summer reading program.
This week Steve made me 8 jars of blackberry jam.
I haven't been good about rationing it.
We spent Sunday afternoon fishing at Suson Park with my brother's family.
Noah surprised us all by picking up a pole.
He was so proud of his catch.


  1. I'm so impressed with Noah! Almost brings tears to my eyes. They're both growing into such amazing people.