Sunday, August 24, 2014

My Sister Natalie

Today while cleaning out Noah's room and purging half-used notebooks from last school year.  I came upon an essay he wrote...suddenly I no longer care that my dryer conked out this morning.


She is nice
Natalie is a good friend.  She never gets mad at her friends.  She has a lot of friends because she is kind.  She plays with friends in her class at recess even though her old friends are in a different class.  She calls people to come over to our house.  She gives my mom and dad hugs and she hugs me.

Natalie is friendly to other people
She talks to everyone.  Sometimes she sits at lunch with someone sitting by themselves and probably makes friends with them.  She is helpful to mom and dad when she does her chores.

She is funny
Natalie makes me laugh.  She calls me nicknames. Sometimes she gives me huggies that make me laugh. When we play a Wii game sometimes she falls or dies on purpose to make me laugh.  She does silly things on the game.  She is crazy.  She makes up funny things when we are playing with toys.

She plays with me
We play together on the Wii or with toys.  Sometimes we can play multi-player on the DS.  We play together at friends' houses or outside and sometimes in the pool.  We make stuff outside and we catch bugs with her bug catcher.  We make stuff out of cardboard boxes that my dad brings home to us.

Natalie is good at making things up with toys
She is good at making up house and we make up stories with stuffed animals.  It makes me laugh when she makes her stuffed animals do crazy things.  She helps when I'm bored.


  1. This is the sweetest find ever!

    1. I know, right?! Thanks for stopping in. You are such a loyal reader. ;-)

  2. it's stuff like this that makes the "drama" worth it

  3. That's something that Nat will treasure someday!

    1. I know, right?! Thanks for stopping in Mary