Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Dog's Life

"Mom! I just saw a cake!" piped Natalie from the backseat.

"Should I turn around?" I asked.

"Yes!" she cried.

Two Sundays ago, Natalie and I took advantage of the warm temps and set out on an adventure to find more cakes.  Since Noah was at a friend's house, I was planning to surprise the girl who believes "my life would be perfect if I just had a dog," with a visit to the American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog. Neither of us had been there before and I knew we'd find a cake.

The museum is located in Queeny Park in West County.  The 14,000 square foot facility boasts of having one of the finest collections of art devoted to the dog.  With more than 700 original paintings, drawings, sculptures and figurines housed in the historic Jarville House, which along with the surrounding Queeny Park was the estate of Edgar Monsanto Queeny, president of chemical giant Monsanto, Inc., from 1928-1960.  The museum also showcases the All-Star Dogs Hall of Fame which pays tribute to the success of K-9 units. There is also an exhibit on dogs of war comprised of historical photographs and limited edition prints as well as memorabilia on the famous WWII Yorkshire Terrier mascot Smoky.

Upon entering the museum, we were greeted by a friendly lady working the front desk, she gave Natalie a "scavenger hunt for kids" worksheet to help make her visit more enjoyable.  She was charged with finding a "dog named Bob -- who does something you don't often see dogs do" The clue led her to finding an oil on canvas painting of Bob, a long-haired terrier smoking a pipe, by well-known artist, George Earl.

She had a good time, but a few minutes into our visit, she inquired, "Where are the gerbils?"


Then I realized, she had half-heard the museum attendant talking to me about the historic, Jarville House.'s always an adventure when they are around.
Natalie spotted this cake at The College School.
Though we live close by, I hadn't noticed it before.
The entrance to the AKC Museum of the Dog

"A pug! They are my favorite.  I just love their squishy faces and curly tails!"
She discovered the answer to another scavenger riddle...
What dog named Queen once could be seen going round and round?
"Mom, if we lived where it's cold could we have a husky to take us around.
Because I already know the word to make them go, MUSH!"

"If I were President, I'd put him in the Hall of Fame."

Natalie leans on the only piece the museum will allow visitors to touch.  

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