Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Musings from Natalie #92

Boxes...they aren't just for holding stuff.
Natalie's "Box of Peace"
The Rules:
No talking
No food or drinks
Do not put it on your head
No boys

Morning convo...
Noah: "Natalie, I've seen ponytails like yours before on Hondo Ohnaka from Star Wars the Clone Wars."
Natalie: (annoyed at being compared to a male SW character) "They're French braids, Noah."
Noah: "Oh."
Me: (attempt to diffuse situation) "Noah has great hair, too with that great swoosh action in front."
Natalie: "No he doesn't."
To which Noah, almost on cue, tosses his head to remove a curtain of bangs from his eyes.
Me: "See, Natalie.  Isn't he so cute?"
Natalie: "His hair does not look cute to me...but Sophia's brother, Sam --well he has this dark hair that swooshes and it...."
At this point, my brain sort of shut off and I don't remember the rest of the convo. I'm not ready to think one day boys with swooshy hair will be calling on her.

As the clouds and thunder started rolling in the morning of our church's Easter egg hunt Natalie worried and fretted about whether the hunt would be cancelled.  I finally suggested that she might want to talk to God about it because I have no control over the weather.  She immediately closed her eyes and clasped her hands together.  As I turned to leave the room, I heard her say, "So make it happen captain!"

"I am a natural at this," she said

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