Wednesday, April 15, 2015

You're a Good Man, Steve Felgenhauer

While many were scrambling to get their taxes filed on time, our family was celebrating...not taxes, mind you.  We were toasting Steve as today he turned 48.

Natalie had clear ideas for what we needed to do to show our affections.

"I'm going to make him a coupon good for free whoopins," she declared.
"For you or him?" I asked
"He can give me one," said Nat.
(Clearly, she's never been the recipient of a whoopin.)

Nat also wanted me to pick up some Charlie Brown favorites because she often hears her Dad interject phrases from C.B. shows into conversations. Easy enough as Family Video had several options and all were shelved in their free kid movie section.  For dinner, while the kids and I had pizza, Steve was "happier than a pig in poop" enjoying catfish and jalapeno hush puppies from King Edward's.  Afterwards we sang happy birthday, but Noah would only let Natalie put one candle on the pie because he worried more than that might send our home into flames.

Steve didn't say much, but his clean plate and smiles (more than I've ever captured in our nearly 13 years of marriage) assured me it was the best 48th birthday he's ever had.

You're a Good Man, Steve Felgenhauer

Happy Birthday!

Cowabunga,'s a birthday tree
compliments of Noah and Natalie

Homemade coconut cream pie...though I'll admit I bought ready-made graham cracker crust.

Girl Scout cookies taste better when you know most of the planet has already 
consumed theirs and have to wait till next year for more.


  1. Happy Birthday, Steve! I have always known that you are a good man!
    Love, Nancy