Thursday, March 9, 2017

You Might Be a Preschool Teacher If...

you've ever worn your pajamas to work.

With my kids growing up and reaching the tween/teen years when talking about "the funny things they say" is no longer okay -- my blog has been on hiatus for awhile. But, today I was given some new material.

A gift.

...wrapped up in a fleece ensemble covered in pastel colored stars.

Today as I headed to work in my pajamas I realized -- just as I was dropping off kid number two -- that I would not only be wearing them for our classroom's Day and Night theme -- I would get to wear my matching nighttime wear all day long. I had forgotten I had scheduled a car appointment right after work and wouldn't have time to go home and change.

And, it wasn't just a short, oil change kind of appointment.

No, it was one of those that takes a couple of hours.

And, I wouldn't have time to go home after the appointment -- because I'm efficient like that -- no, I'd need to head directly to my children's schools for pick-up.


After work as I headed out to my car, I decided I would hold my head high and do my best to keep my pants in place (I never realized how much they sagged or the amount static cling they generated)  as I made my way to Comb's Auto.
As I dropped off my keys with the attendant he responded, "You're wearing pajamas."

"I sleepwalk."

He laughed and that's when I decided to pass the afternoon coming up with silly responses. I came up with a bunch and had the opportunity to use several.

We were having a casual day at the office.
I'm lazy.
I'm just trying to get a jump start on my day.
I lost a bet.
Life's too short to bother with getting dressed every day.
I couldn't decide on an outfit.
I don't like to wear the same thing twice in one week.
My washer is broke.
My kids picked out my clothes today.
I had a wardrobe malfunction.
It's 10 p.m. somewhere.

It was actually kind of fun -- especially seeing the horrified look on my kids' faces when I picked them up from school.

I've reached the point where my children's social calendar is more exciting than my own, so I have to create my own fun and not take myself so seriously...

and find an opportunity to embarrass my kids at least once a day.

Middle does have it's benefits.

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