Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Scaredy Cat

The other day Truvy and I set out earlier than usual in an effort to beat the grotesque humidity. We did our normal loop around town, however, as we inched our way up the remaining incline, I was feeling overheated and felt it best if we shortened our route. As we walked along I noticed a black cat sitting still as a statue at the edge of a driveway. Truvy didn't even notice him. Her eyes were trained on several squirrels scurrying among the trees. I quickly glanced at the cat and in response, he puffed up his shiny coat. While Truvy and I were already in the street (because there were no sidewalks) I steered her into the middle of the road. I wanted to communicate to Puff-Kitty we had no interest in him and he was safe. Oddly enough as Truvy and I continued, I felt like something was following us. I looked over my shoulder and there was that cat. I couldn't believe it. So much so, I actually said aloud, "I can't believe he's following us." At this point Truvy turned and noticed the cat. She cocked her head in curiosity, but the manner in which he walked --low to the ground, I felt an urgency to pick up our pace and keep moving, but in that instant, he pounced....not in the cute way that cats jump on a toy mouse or bat a feather tether toy -- his back arched, his mouth opened and were claws out. In response, Truvy yelped and jumped backwards -- trying to get away. I got tangled up in her leash and landed hard on the pavement. As I scrambled to get up, the cat lunged again. I felt like we were in an episode of the Twilight Zone. My arms and legs swinging wildly as I tried to shield the two of us. My voice shrill. Was anyone seeing this? I wondered. Truvy and I nearly ran down the rest of the street, stopping only to cross the road. I looked back and in the distance could see a small, dark furry figure -- still except for a flitting tail.

Since this experience, Truvy has become afraid of Natalie's black, stuffed toy dog. I've tried several desensitization techniques, but she isn't buying it. She barks at it and backs away...refusing to go in her room. I don't blame her. The experience shook me up, too.

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