Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Truvy's Birthday Pawty Wrap Up

I think it is fair to say we are a little over the top with our pup...and I'm okay with that. Her entry into our home required more than a year of planning, research and 100+ allergy shots. However, nothing prepared me for the level for which I would love her and the positive affect she would have on our entire family. Steve and I spend more time together and we both have better health (Steve's lost 20 lbs!) thanks to daily walks. Noah's confidence grows as he practices commands with her and is always happy to take her out for potty breaks. Natalie just loves having a furry companion to sit with her while she reads.

While I was hoping to train her to become a therapy dog, I think she may be better suited as a circus dog. She knows lots of tricks -- sit, down, stay, spin, rewind, peekaboo, shake, left paw, right paw, high 5, high 10, take my arm and walk and most recently -- jumping through hoops. Her favorite games are find it, Frisbee and tug.

We socialize and board her at Silver Maple Pet Center. Each month they celebrate birthdays. They threw Truvy a fun-filled pawty with more than a dozen of her friends. When I picked her up, pet attendant, Lauren said, "I just wanted you to know -- Truvy now has a boyfriend."

Say what?!

Everyone -- Meet Don.

Natalie has been dreaming about Truvy's birthday party for months. She didn't think a "friend" party  was enough. She wanted her to have a family party, too! She found a recipe for a layered dog cake (Ask me if she's ever made a cake for her ol' mom...hmmmm). She made a photo prop (I taught her well!) and we invited my friend Christy, her daughter, Jessie and their pup (4.5 month old, Teddy -- Truvy's half bro) over to celebrate. We nearly melted under the 90+ temps, but did our best to keep cool with popsicles and iced tea while we watched the two dogs romp around the yard. Jessie presented Truvy with a large, decorated birthday cookie which the two pups happily shared. We took lots of pics and made lots of memories.

Nat was so fired up  -- after the party she opened up an Instagram just for Truvy. I don't have an account, but it seems our dog does.  #groovy_truvy

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