Thursday, April 11, 2013

Musings from Natalie #40

When I picked Natalie up from school.  Her teacher shared that while he was looking at a dictionary, Natalie inquired about the type of book he was reading and when he told her what it was, she innocently asked, "So, you're reading a book all about dics?"

(It took her a teacher a minute to recover...but he told me he believed she was comparing the word with the book she and her classmates are already familiar with...pictionary)

Buyer's Remorse


Natalie: "I can't believe you took my tooth fairy money."

Me: "I didn't take it.  You wanted to buy that caterpillar toy and I told you, you'd need to pay me back with the money you just received from the tooth fairy."

Natalie: "All that wiggling...all that work!...I can't believe it's gone now."


  1. Ha! Kids are hilarious. Tonight, my 4yo told me God made us talk so we can say "excuse me" when we burp!