Saturday, April 13, 2013

Musings from Natalie #41

Natalie: "Mom, did you know on My Little Pony, Apple Jack's little sister doesn't say excuse me when she burps."
Me: "She doesn't?  That's not very nice."
Natalie: "It's 'cause she lives on a farm."
Me: "They don't have manners.  I wouldn't like that place."
Natalie:  "I would!  They get to do whatever they want.  I'd want to live there...then I could draw on the walls n'stuff."

Me: "You have to eat at least two bites of your chicken or no dessert."
Natalie: "Ok, I'll just eat the crunchy part and leave the white part."
Me: "You have to eat the white part, too.  That's the chicken."
Natalie:  "Aww, Mom...but it's just too....chickeny."

After dinner Natalie brought me two different boxes of treats
Me: "You need to pick one."
Natalie: "And then the other?"


  1. That girl is just BRILLIANT I tell ya! If she were about forty years older, she would totally be my BFF. ;)

    1. She certainly keeps me on my toes. Thanks for stoppin in.