Thursday, June 19, 2014

Celebrating Every Day

On Tuesday Steve and I celebrated...I use that term loosely...12 years of marriage.

We didn't hire a sitter or get dressed up and go out to dinner.  We didn't even exchange cards.

While we will never forget the day we said I do on the beautiful beaches of Makena Cove Beach in Maui, we know it's not the day that is most important -- rather all the other days in between. Through ambulance rides, depleted bank accounts, loss of wages and of loved ones.  Our commitment has been tested and through it we've come to have a deeper appreciation for one another.  Loving me isn't something Steve saves for special occasions.  Moreover, he expresses it in a way that shows the kids how special I am to him. He doesn't just tell me he loves me -- he'll say things like, "Noah, did you see how pretty your mama looks today? (never mind that my hair is knotted in an unflattering bun...I'm make-up free and sweaty). He notices when my chocolate stash is low before I do and enjoys surprising me with a new brand to try.  He's a homebody and prefers solitude yet he goes along with all the crazy plans I pack into each and every weekend. He eats whatever I serve him. And, on days when he arrives home from work to find I haven't even started dinner -- he washes his hands and gleefully suggests, "How 'bout I make us breakfast for dinner?!"

On the morning of our anniversary I awoke feeling residual grouchiness towards my beloved over an argument we'd had the night before.  I forgot what day it was until after he had left for work.

Instead of focusing on the negative, I decided to bake us an anniversary cake because I knew as the day progressed things would turn around.  Steve, while a thoughtful person, can be impulsive which means if his mouth and heart were having a race -- you can probably guess which one would win.  However, he's also a very smart man and over the course of our marriage has learned a few things to keep it afloat:
1. Apologize when you are in the wrong or when you've been told that you were in the wrong.
2. It's impossible to be sorry and be right at the same time. 
3. Live by the motto "if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."
4. When in doubt, apologize.

Through Steve I've learned:
1. I'm not always right...just most of the time.
2. Sometimes it's best to take a step back and think about things before making a decision. This applies to drastic hairstyle changes, home renovations and potty training.
3. Country music is really okay.
4. Worrying is over-rated.
5. When in doubt, apologize.

While traditional 12th anniversary gifts call for silk or linen, more practical givers may choose high-thread bed linen, tablecloths, towels and cushions.  But, no need to limit new coverings to bedrooms and bathrooms.  Right?

I mean..."If you are going to be a a grizzly."

At least that's what my non-traditional husband is fond of saying.

So, it should come as no surprise that he chose to purchase new coverings... for our entire house (siding, soffit, fascia and gutters) -- to mark 12 years of marital bliss.

But, next Tuesday for no special reason, he'll hand me a bag from my favorite chocolatier or remind me I'm still attractive as he gooses me on his way to the refrigerator. 

We're celebrating...every day.

After we ate cake, Natalie sent us on a scavenger hunt through the house.
At the end she jumped out and yelled "Happy Anniversary!"


  1. I truly enjoy reading about your sweet family and its adventures. However, my favorite posts are like this one, about the ordinary expressed in a loving thoughtful way. Thank you so much and Happy Anniversary!

  2. I know I have said this before, but I am so so glad to see you writing again!!! And I have NO idea why I am not getting your posts in my inbox anymore! What the WHA? This has happened to several of my blogging friends and I have no idea why it happened. I'm so sorry I haven't been coming around! I seriously thought you weren't posting anything!

    I LOVE what you have both 'learned'. Hilarious and OH SO TRUE!!! :)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. Good to hear from you!