Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hummingbird Banding

On September 5th, we headed to Onondaga State Park to watch researcher, Lanny Chambers band hummingbirds. Chambers is one of only about 150 persons in the U.S. and Canada authorized by the Federal Bird Banding Laboratory (BBL) to capture and band these tiny birds.

Data collected includes: the bird's age, sex, condition and plumage characteristics. In addition, measurements may be taken such as wing chord (length of the flattened wing from wrist to tip of the longest primary feather), tail length, mass, and bill length. After the bird is banded and released, the data is submitted to the BBL.

The weather was steamy and we were grateful to be able to watch the process almost the moment we arrived to the park.

You'd think the bars would make them wary...nope.
Measuring the bill

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