Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Monarch Madness 2015

On September 12th our family took part in Monarch Madness at Weldon Spring -- a free, day-long event put on by the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC). The purpose was to celebrate all pollinating creatures that help our plants thrive and to educate and encourage support for pollinators (especially Monarchs) that are in decline.  Scientists estimate monarch populations once at one billion have dropped to less than 60 million.  Declining habitat is most likely the cause.  MDC gave out lots of swamp milkweed plants to participants as it is the only plant that monarch will lay their eggs on.  The hope is that by providing more habitat -- monarch numbers will rise again.

We all gave it a go but once Noah found a tick on his clothes...he was out.

Megan and Lindsay were the only two in our group to successfully capture and tag a Monarch
Jenna and Carter make "dirt bombs" - dirt balls filled with milkweed seeds

Looking for the queen

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